Will there be another season on The CW?

Even though the 2022 fall television season is right around the corner, September still happens to be season finale central for The CW. However, this time around, it’s unfortunately series finale central at the network. What does that mean for In the Dark season 5?

The underrated (in more ways than one) crime drama wrapped up its fourth season on The CW on Monday, Sept. 5, along with fellow underrated series Roswell, New Mexico. Season 4 brought Murphy’s series-long arc full circle with a jail stint and another major heartbreak.

In the Dark season 4 premiered during a transitional and unprecedented time in the network’s history, as a potential sale loomed large over the fates of multiple series. Ultimately, The CW dropped the axe on a shocking number of series in May 2022.

In case you hadn’t heard the bad news by now, there will not be an In the Dark season 5 on The CW. The series finale brought Murphy’s story to a polarizing albeit darkly just conclusion. But fans shouldn’t be holding out hope for a fifth season.

Will there be an In the Dark season 5?

When The CW announced the cancellations of shows such as Batwoman, Charmed, Dynasty, Legacies, Legends of Tomorrow, and more, fans immediately sprang into action to help save their shows for another season on another network or streaming service like Netflix.

Sadly, none of the series were in a position to be shopped around to another network or streamer. Although fans put in a valiant effort and that doesn’t go unnoticed, the door has been seemingly closed as the studios behind them have provided no indication of continuing the series.

If you watched the In the Dark series finale and were left unsatisfied by the ending, you’re probably wondering if a fifth season will answer any additional questions you might have. Well, In the Dark season 5 isn’t going to be a reality.

The writers prepared two endings for the series in the event they were canceled after filming wrapped, and rather than using the cliffhanger ending, fans received an ending that tied things up. Sure, it was a bit ambiguous, morally and otherwise, but the story didn’t have any loose threads.

It’s a bummer that there won’t be another season of In the Dark, but watch the first three seasons now on Netflix. In the Dark season 4 hits Netflix on Tuesday, Sept. 13.

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