Will there be another season on The CW?

On Sept. 16, 2022, Dynasty season 5 will air its finale, and there will surely be fans around the world still wondering whether there will be a Dynasty season 6. Unfortunately, fans shouldn’t get their hopes up too high for the series to continue beyond season 5.

In May 2022, a new era for The CW officially began as the looming threat of a sale for the network was preceded by the cancellations of a shocking number of veteran, fan-favorite series — Dynasty among them. In August 2022, the sale went through.

Dynasty season 5 started airing before this new era started taking shape, but the season continued to air during uncertain times. It’s the last series in the departing class of CW shows to air its finale, and fans have been anxiously awaiting the bittersweet wrap-up for the Carringtons.

Perhaps you hadn’t heard the bad news by now, or had been holding onto hope, but Dynasty season 6 will not be happening at The CW, Netflix, or any other network or streaming service. CBS Studios, the production company behind the series, has made no indication that the series would be saved.

Will there be a Dynasty season 6?

When The CW dropped the unfortunate news that fan-favorite, veteran shows such as Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman, Charmed, Legacies, and more had been canceled, fans quickly leaped into action with renewal campaigns to help revive their show at another network or streamer.

However, the shows that The CW canceled were not placed in a position to be shopped around to other networks or streamers. There were elements way beyond the control of fans that played a part in their cancellations. For now, it’s best to accept that in the near future, these shows don’t appear to be making comebacks.

Dynasty season 6 won’t be happening, and the fifth season finale will also be the series finale. Luckily, the Dynasty writing team knew well in advance that season 5 would be the final season and have been working toward a fitting conclusion for the characters, story, and fans.

We might be getting a sixth season, but fans can watch Dynasty seasons 1-4 now on Netflix, Dynasty season 5 start streaming on Saturday, Sept. 24.

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