Will there be another season on Netflix?

Are you a fan of watching attractive people wrangle crocodiles? Well, have we got the show for you! Netflix’s new Australian reality series Wild Croc Territory has become a hit for the streaming service and climbed its way into the Netflix Top 10. Now fans are eager to find out if Netflix will greenlight Wild Croc Territory season 2.

This exciting science/nature television show follows professional outback wrangler Matt Wright and his team as they relocate some of the fiercest crocodiles ever to prowl the Australian wilderness. Episodes include one where Matt and his crew relocate a big croc named “Beef Cheeks,” who has been eating a farmer’s cattle to Kaia facing her fears over a giant snake.

Wright already has an established fanbase thanks to his other television show, Outback Wrangler, which aired for four seasons on National Geographic. Many viewers have been eagerly waiting to see what Wright would do next, and now that he has a new Netflix series, it’s not surprising the show has already climbed into the top ten.

WILD CROC TERRITORY. (L to R) Kaia Wright, Banjo Wright, Finn, Jock Purcell, and Matt Wright in WILD CROC TERRITORY. Cr. Matt Wright/Netflix © 2022

Wild Croc Territory season 2: Will there be another season on Netflix?

The season finale of Wild Croc Territory showcased just how far the team has come, particularly Finn, who started the season as a rookie but proved he was plenty capable of handling himself by the end! In season 1, episode 10, “The Reckoning,” viewers also celebrated with the group as Willow gets her helicopter license and takes everyone out for a chopper pub crawl.

Wild Croc Territory season 2 has not been announced by Netflix, but unscripted content generally has a higher chance of getting renewed by the service because it’s much cheaper to produce than scripted fare. So while we don’t know for sure if the show will be renewed or canceled, if Wild Croc Territory continues to be popular, then I have a feeling it will continue!

Wild Croc Territory season 1 is now available on Netflix.

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