Will there be another season on Netflix?

Floor is Lava season 3 was released on Netflix just this Friday (Sept. 30) and fans of the hilarious reality game show — which sees teams compete to navigate rooms flooded with lava by leaping from chairs, hanging from curtains, and swinging from chandeliers — are already looking to the future and questioning whether a Floor is Lava season 4 is on the horizon!

Floor is Lava was created by Megan McGrath and is a total callback to one of our childhood favorite games — which saw us leaping off sofas and coffee tables — but with a new twist. The reality show, which made its debut on the streamer in 2020, challenges multiple teams of three to compete for $10,000 by reaching a specific point in a specially designed room by overcoming obstacles and challenges.

If you’re reading this you’ve likely binged through the five fresh episodes, and are eager to hear about more. Here’s everything we know about Floor is Lava season 4.

Will there be a Floor is Lava season 4?

This might not come as too much of a shock, but as of October 2, there has yet to be any news on a renewal announcement regarding the release of Floor is Lava Season 4 on Netflix.

It’s still too early to tell, but given the show’s huge success so far with a variety of audiences, it’s likely that a renewal announcement for season 4 will follow shortly.

In the event of a renewal, it’s likely that Netflix could bring the show back to our screens in the summer of 2023 or early fall. Seasons 1 and 2 were both released in June respectively, whilst season 3 was delayed to September 2022.

We’re unsure whether the current setback will affect production on season 4, but we are staying optimistic that the release schedule will revert back, and we will get the fourth season of the game show in June 2023. Of course, this is just our own thoughts and predictions, and until something is officially announced by the streamer we would urge you to take this with a grain of salt.



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