Will there be another season on Netflix?

It’s nearly three weeks since the initial release of Heartbreak High, but fans of the show are already hungry for another season.

Heartbreak High, based on the 1994 Australian series of the same name, landed on our screens on September 14, 2022, and if you’re like us, you likely have already binged through the eight episodes of the “gritty” and highly addictive teen drama. So it’s no surprise that many are looking to the future and wondering whether a Heartbreak High season 2 is on the horizon.

The teen drama, which is a bit of a cross between Netflix’s hit series Sex Education and Never Have I Ever, follows the students and teachers of Hartley High as they “navigate racial tensions, explore their sexuality, ups and downs of high school romances, and all other sorts of teen angst”.

Find out the latest update on Heartbreak High and whether the rebooted series, created by Hannah Carroll Chapman, is returning for a second season on Netflix.

Heartbreak High season 2: Has the series been renewed or canceled?

This might not come as a surprise, but it’s still too early for us to know whether the series has done enough to warrant a renewal by Netflix. So currently, there is no news on a second season.

As with most original shows on the streaming giant, a renewal depends on the ratings and overall response. Following the week of its release, Heartbreak High managed to break into Netflix’s list of top 10 shows, and according to Media Week, the show became the “#6 most watched TV show globally on Netflix,” racking up over 18,250,000 hours in views in the first week of its release, so its looking pretty positive, but this still may not be enough.

At the moment, we have to just sit tight and wait for an official update from the streamer which will likely come over the next few weeks.

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