Will there be another season of the reality series?

Netflix has finally released the reality series Selling the OC. The show follows The Oppenheim Group’s new real estate team based in Newport Beach, California. As expected, this season did not hold back on the drama. There were also tons of luxurious oceanfront listings that would make you want to book a flight to Orange County stat! But the question on everyone’s mind after watching the explosive first season is if there will be a Selling the OC season 2. We’ve shared everything we know about a potential second installment below.

Selling the OC is a new Netflix original series created by Adam DiVello. It’s the second spinoff series to the hit reality series Selling Sunset, with Selling Tampa being the first. After the massive success of The Oppenheim Group’s Los Angeles branch, Brett and Jason Oppenheim decided to open a second office on the Orange County coast. They made sure to hire a group of realtors who they believe have what it takes to be the best real estate agents in the country.

The Selling the OC cast is made up of Alex Hall, Alexandra Jarvis, Alexandra Rose, Austin Victoria, Brandi Marshall, Gio Helou, Kayla Cardona, Polly Brindle, Lauren Brito, Sean Palmieri, and Tyler Stanaland.

So will there be a Selling the OC season 2? Here’s what we know below!

Is Selling the OC season 2 happening?

It’s unclear at the moment. Since Selling the OC just premiered on Aug. 24, it’ll likely be a while before the streamer makes a decision on the show’s fate. It typically takes a month or so for Netflix to come to a decision. Sometimes Netflix hands out early renewals, but the streamer doesn’t usually do that for new shows.

A show’s renewal mainly comes down to viewership. If a good amount of people watch the reality series (from start to finish) in its first four weeks of release, there’s a high possibility the streamer might give the go-ahead for a second season. Of course, other factors come into play when Netflix is making a decision, such as production costs, social engagement, etc. But the main factor is viewership numbers.

Selling Sunset has seen much success at Netflix with the show just recently being renewed for a sixth and seventh season. However, the spinoff Selling Tampa has yet to be renewed for a second season and it premiered in December 2021.

We’re hoping Selling the OC doesn’t meet the same fate as Selling Tampa. So, make sure to tell everyone you know about Selling the OC  in order to better the chances of the reality series being renewed.

We’ll keep you posted on the Selling the OC renewal status. So, stay tuned to Netflix Life!

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