Will there be another season?

One of Netflix’s most ambitious shows of the year is now just a day away, with 1899 coming to the streamer in the early hours of November 17. The mystery thriller follows a group of passengers traveling from Europe to America in hopes of starting new lives, but their plans are interrupted when they find a missing ship called the Prometheus in the middle of the ocean. Strange things start happening to the passengers as they question how they might be connected to the mysterious ship.

1899 comes from the creators of Dark on Netflix, one of the highest-rated international shows on the platform. Though we don’t know if their new series involves time travel, we can bet it’ll be just as twisty and compelling as Dark. If you’ve been counting down the days until the new period drama is released, you might also be wondering about the show’s future. Is this meant to be a limited series, or can we expect more seasons?

Is 1899 season 2 happening at Netflix?

At this time, 1899 season 2 has not been announced so we cannot say for sure whether or not the new series will continue. However, that’s no reason for concern considering the show has not yet come out. Netflix will likely want to analyze the viewing numbers before making any decisions.

We’ll have to wait and see how successful 1899 is, but considering the trailer has 8 million views on YouTube, I’d imagine a lot of people will tune in. (For comparison, the Young Royals season 2 trailer came out around the same time and has 1 million views, while the Wednesday trailer which came out a bit earlier has 5.4 million views).

And if the viewership numbers for 1899 do prove to be impressive, the creators are happy to continue on with more seasons. During a 2021 interview with Deadline, co-creator Jantje Friese said they are trying to make it a multi-season show, also noting they’ll have to see how well the first season is received.

If 1899 is renewed for a second season, we could probably expect it sometime in 2024 at the earliest. Filming for the first season took place from May 2021 to November 2021, meaning it took about a year to be released after they shot it. Depending on how fast the show might get renewed, plus how long it’ll take the writers to pen the script, it’s not unreasonable to believe we could see a second season in about two years’ time from now. Of course, this is merely a prediction so please take this with a grain of salt.

Even if we get some of the most sought-after answers in the 1899 finale, we’re sure there will only be more presented in the end. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a season 2 renewal, and in the meantime be sure to watch all eight episodes of 1899 on Netflix this Thursday, Nov. 17, 2022.

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