Will there be another season?

Get ready for more drama, because Young Royals season 2 has arrived on Netflix and it’s another wild ride of romances, friendships, and all the uncertainties of being a teenager. The Swedish series debuted on the streamer in 2021 and was a hit with young adult audiences. Unlike other teen dramas like Elite and Riverdale, Young Royals has been applauded for its realistic storylines and wholesome relationships, not to mention its queer representation.

It’s no wonder fans were counting down the minutes until Young Royals season 2 hit the streamer, and now that all six episodes are out, viewers want more! Can you blame them? The new season came out today, Nov. 1, but what should we expect next? Has the teen drama been renewed for a third installment?

Is Young Royals season 3 happening?

At this time, Young Royals season 3 has not been announced. But don’t fret; that doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t see Wilhelm, Simon, and the rest of the Hillerska students return for another installment. Because the new batch of episodes just came out today, it’s not surprising that the series hasn’t been renewed yet.

Typically, Netflix likes to analyze the viewership numbers before ordering another season of a show. Of course, there have been exceptions to this general rule, as shows like Virgin River and Emily in Paris have received multi-season renewals before. But seeing as Young Royals is still a newer show, I don’t think fans should be worried that we haven’t heard about a potential third season yet.

Based on the social media reactions Young Royals season 2 has gotten so far, along with its high audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, we’re sure the viewership numbers will impress. I would be surprised if Young Royals ends up getting canceled, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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