Will there be another season?

Looking for a gripping thriller to hold you over before Netflix starts releasing its holiday movies and shows? English drama Inside Man just debuted on the platform on Oct. 31, and it definitely seems to be worth checking out. The four-part show first premiered on BBC One this past September and is now available on the streamer outside of the UK. With a great cast including Stanley Tucci and David Tennant, we’re sure Inside Man will catch Netflix users’ attention quickly.

Not to mention, Inside Man was created by Steven Moffat, best known for his work on Doctor Who, Sherlock, Dracula, and more. The new series is a quick watch and one that certainly will keep you on the edge of your seat.

We won’t get into spoilers on how Inside Man ends, but viewers are already wondering what the future of the show could be. Is Moffat planning a season 2? Here’s what we know!

Is Inside Man season 2 happening?

At this time, Inside Man has not been renewed for a second season. There’s not much of a cliffhanger at the end of the fourth episode, but we do get a post-credits scene that has us asking some questions. There can always be more to the story, and Moffat seems cautiously open to the idea of another installment.

During an interview with Radio Times, Moffat confirmed that this story concludes with the fourth episode, but there could be some type of continuation depending on the audience’s reception of what’s out now. “The story will end in four episodes,” he said. “It’s done by the end of that. As to whether or not you could ever spin off anything or do any kind of sequel? I don’t know at this moment.”

The Emmy Award winner also touched on not wanting to keep a story going longer than it needs to, adding:

“Television is littered with shows that had one season and pretended they could carry on – I would never want to be one of those, where you’re so excited to get a phone call about doing another run that you do it and then realise, actually, the story is finished.”

So it looks like there are no plans for Inside Man season 2 at this time, but perhaps depending on how successful the four episodes turn out to be — especially now that they’re available on Netflix — viewers might be begging for more. We’ll just have to wait and see!

For now, you can stream the four-part series on Netflix.

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