Will there be another season?

It’s time to re-enter the pods and seek love in Netflix’s popular experimental dating show Love is Blind. Love is Blind season 3 is out this Wednesday, October 19, and fans are already looking ahead to the show’s future. Will Netflix order Love is Blind season 4? Good news to anyone reading this: Netflix has actually renewed the show for two additional seasons.

Netflix made the renewal decision earlier this year, and since then, a second season of the show has aired, with season 3 starting up this week. The first four episodes of season 3 will come out on October 19, followed by additional episodes on October 26 and November 2. The season 3 finale and cast reunion will air on November 9.

We’re assuming there will be an After the Altar special included in the third season as well, in addition to future seasons.

Love is Blind is a romantic reality competition show where singles enter “pods” to chat with other singles in search of a spark, but the catch is they cannot see who they’re talking to, hence the “blind” part of the title. Twenty-nine new singles will start their search for a soulmate in season 3, and below, we’ll fill you in on what we know about Love is Blind season 4, too!

Will there be a Love is Blind season 4?

Yes! Netflix is betting big on its dating reality shows. Back in March 2022, Netflix announced a two-season renewal for Love is Blind, meaning the show will run for at least five seasons. So, after finishing season 3, you’re guaranteed a minimum of two more seasons!

Besides Love is Blind, Netflix also greenlit a third season of Indian Matchmaking and ordered Jewish Matchmaking to series. Since then, the streaming service has renewed other dating shows like Love on the Spectrum and The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On.

Jewish Matchmaking and Indian Matchmaking season 3 will both premiere at some point in 2023. Since Love is Blind season 3 is premiering this week, we can safely assume that Love is Blind season 4 will return in the first half of 2023. Fans got two seasons of the show in 2022, so there’s a good chance it will follow a similar pattern next year.

Love is Blind is already casting singles for future seasons of the show, so if you or anyone you know is interested in applying, you can do so now right here.

Love is Blind season 3 kicks off this week on October 19 with the first four episodes of the season. New episodes release weekly. 

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