Will there be another season?

Home cooks get a chance at $25,000 (or more!) in the new Netflix cooking competition series Easy-Bake Battle, hosted by Queer Eye‘s food-and-wine expert Antoni Porowski.

While the title suggests that the series will feature competitors trying to cook in the iconic Hasbro toy, the actual show takes things in a different direction. It’s more about home chefs whipping up gourmet meals with kitchen hacks and specific challenges, like using nothing but a waffle iron or frozen food to create something easy and delicious.

Easy-Bake Battle does feature a version of the easy-bake oven, but in the series, it’s a much larger and more traditional cooking utensil than the old-school toy with a lightbulb fixture. After watching all eight episodes, you might be hungry for more of the new series. Here’s what we know about a potential second season.

Easy-Bake Battle season 2 updates: Will there be another season?

As of October 13, 2022, Netflix has not canceled or renewed Easy-Bake Battle: The Home Cooking Competition. But the odds of renewal are strong for this series. Unscripted content is cheap and easy to produce. Most reality content on Netflix gets more than one season, especially cooking shows.

Series like Nailed It!, Sugar Rush, and Chef’s Table all have multiple seasons. But there are also a lot of cooking shows on Netflix that didn’t get renewed. Currently working against the show is that it hasn’t entered the Netflix Top 10 yet. To be fair, the series was released on a Wednesday, so that could change over the weekend.

For now, Easy-Bake Battle appears to have a decent chance of getting renewed, but stay tuned to Netflix Life for news and updates on the cooking competition series!

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