Will there be a sequel to the Netflix movie?

A new Netflix comedy movie starring Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg is now streaming on Netflix and will be the next big movie hit. Hart and Wahlberg share the screen in Me Time, which centers on a stay-at-home dad who gets much more than he bargained for on a weekend away.

Sonny (Hart) decides to take some “me time” away from his wife and kids and reconnects with an old best friend, Huck (Wahlberg). The two end up getting into some trouble during their weekend adventures, and it threatens to upend Sonny’s peaceful life.

In 2022, there have been so many new hit Netflix original movies, including the likes of The Adam Project, The Gray Man, and Purple Hearts, one of which already has a sequel on the way. Me Time looks like another hit in the making that could launch a sequel, something both Hart and Wahlberg are no strangers to as major movie stars with franchises under their belts.

Will there be a Me Time 2 on Netflix? Here’s what we know so far about the potential of a sequel for the Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg comedy film after its release.

Will there be a Me Time 2 on Netflix?

As of the release of Me Time on Netflix on Aug. 26, Netflix has not indicated whether the film has been planned to have a sequel or spin-off. Hart and Wahlberg have both starred in movies with sequels, and the appeared to have a blast together, so Me Time 2 doesn’t seem too far off.

Since it’s a comedy, there’s always the possibility to re-open the story and have Sonny and Huck go off on another unexpectedly crazy adventure in a sequel. There could also be a spin-off film based on either of their characters or even Regina Hall’s character, too.

However, the potential of continuing the story with Me Time 2 will hinge on how the film performs during its first month of release. Hart’s Netflix movies Fatherhood and The Man from Toronto both performed extremely well, and Me Time should follow suit. Keep your fingers crossed for a sequel!

Stay tuned for more Me Time 2 news and updates from Netflix Life should they arise!

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