Will there be a sequel at Netflix?

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is one of the latest movies on Netflix. Adapted from the Stephen King novella of the same name from King’s 2020 collection If It Bleeds, the dark drama film stars Jaeden Martell as teenage Craig, who befriends a reclusive billionaire named Mr. Harrigan (Donald Sutherland).

The Blind Side writer and director John Lee Hancock collaborated with Jason Blum from Blumhouse and Ryan Murphy to bring Mr. Harrigan’s Phone to life. Hancock writes and directs the movie.

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is set in the early 2000s when iPhones first arrived on the scene and changed virtually everything. Craig gets his first iPhone, and not long after, he buys one for his elderly friend Mr. Harrigan, too.

The phone proves to be a great way to connect them across generations, and Craig even sticks the phone in Mr. Harrigan’s coffin when he passes away. But that’s when things start to get strange, as Craig begins receiving texts and calls from Mr. Harrigan’s phone from beyond the grave.

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone 2: Will there be a sequel on Netflix?

Odds are there will not be a Mr. Harrigan’s Phone 2 on Netflix. The original movie already stretched a novella to its absolute limits with an almost two-hour runtime. The Mr. Harrigan’s Phone ending doesn’t really leave much open to interpretation or expansion, so if a sequel were going to get made, it would have to branch off in a completely new direction.

There are so many other King novels, novellas, and short stories out there that it would make more sense for Netflix to adapt something different rather than squeeze more story out of this particular one.

Would you watch Mr. Harrigan’s Phone 2 if it got made? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is now streaming on Netflix.

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