Will there be a Lou sequel with Allison Janney?

We’ve seen Allison Janney play countless roles throughout her storied career, from press secretary C.J. Cregg to the dysfunctional recovering alcoholic Bonnie Plunkett. Janney has consistently delivered iconic and acclaimed performances. In Netflix’s latest action drama, Lou, Janney challenged herself to play a much more action-oriented role as the film’s titular character.

For those who have watched Lou, you know the ending leaves at least one loose thread available for a potential sequel. Will Netflix make Lou 2? If they do, will Janney and her co-star Jurnee Smollett return to reprise their roles from the first film?

Lou 2 updates: Will there be a Lou sequel with Allison Janney?

Netflix has not announced a Lou sequel. The movie ends (SPOILER!) with Hannah and Vee escaping Philip and getting a fresh new start in Seattle, Washington, along with Lou’s dog, Jax. Hannah likely believes that Lou is dead, but the end of the movie teases that Lou somehow survived her fight with Philip and is now watching over Hannah and her granddaughter from afar.

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If Netflix does make a follow-up movie, it’s hard to say where it could go next. I assume we would see Hannah get in trouble again, and Lou would be forced to reveal that she is alive, after all. For now, I think Lou would prefer to hide in the shadows and keep a watchful eye on her family.

While the ending might set up a potential sequel, I’m not sure Netflix will move forward with one because the movie didn’t get much buzz. The viewership numbers will have to be impressive for Netflix to consider greenlighting a sequel, and it will only come to fruition if the cast and creators believe there is more story to be told.

Would you like to see a Lou sequel? The action drama is now streaming on Netflix. Stay tuned to Netflix Life for any additional news and updates on the film.

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