Will there be a Dead to Me season 4? (Is Dead to Me season 4 happening?)

It might have taken over two years to arrive, but Dead to Me season 3 has finally premiered on Netflix. While fans are reuniting with the twists and turns of Jen and Judy’s wild ride, they might be wondering whether Dead to Me season 4 could be on the horizon.

Dead to Me last released on new season on Netflix in May 2020, and even though the series was renewed for a third season in June 2020, a number of setbacks (including the pandemic) pushed the series back until its eventual release in November 2022.

When we last left Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini), they were involved in a hit and run car accident that left them pretty banged up. The viewers know that Ben (James Marsden) was behind the wheel of the car that hit them, but Jen and Judy don’t know that… yet.

In the third season, Jen and Judy pick up the pieces after their accident while also attempting to keep their crimes contained from the FBI. But will Dead to Me season 4 be happening on Netflix in the future? We can definitively report the fate of the hit series.

Will there be a Dead to Me season 4 on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Dead to Me season 4 will not be happening. When Netflix renewed Dead to Me season 3, the streamer designated the season as the final season, with creator Liz Feldman and star/executive producer Christina Applegate celebrating the third act as the conclusion of the story.

Going into the writing and production of season 3, the episodes were crafted to be the ending of a sprawling three-season journey of these two women. They met in the throes of their grief, were tested beyond comprehension, but found something stronger than they ever imagined.

Warning: MAJOR spoilers ahead from Dead to Me season 3!

But as much as the third season brings closure to the story, the ending might leave some viewers wanting more. In the final scene of the series, Jen sits with her newborn daughter, watching Ben swim in the pool with Charlie and Henry. When he joins her on the side of the pool, Jen appears to finally be ready to tell him the truth about Steve.

For many viewers, this won’t be so much of an ending as much as it is a cliffhanger. However, it’s certainly a perfect place to end because it allows each viewer to theorize and fill in the gaps of what could happen next on their own. As much as we’d love to see the aftershocks of this conversation, the consequences aren’t nearly as important as the confession.

What did you think of Dead to Me’s ending? Do you want to see more? Share your thoughts in the comments, and make sure to watch all three seasons only on Netflix.

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