Will there be a Dead End: Paranormal Park season 3?

The quirky, heartfelt animated series Dead End: Paranormal Park is back for its second season just in time for Halloween. But fans who have already zoomed through the new episodes are eager for updates on a potential Dead End: Paranormal Park season 3.

In season 2, our favorite characters are back to protect the amusement park Dead End. It won’t be long until they’re forced to face off against deadly enemies once again. The end of the first season teased the arrival of angels.

Since the new season just arrived, we don’t know much about a potential third season, but below we’ll give you an update on what we do know so far.

Will there be a Dead End: Paranormal Park season 3?

As of writing this article on October 13, 2022, Netflix has not officially announced whether the animated series has been canceled or renewed.

The first season also did not get an official renewal announcement. Fans found out the show was returning when Netflix released its “Netflix and Chills” lineup in September. It’s possible the third season could randomly drop at some point within the next few months, but very unlikely.

Lately, Netflix has been ordering a large number of animated episodes up front and then dividing that initial order into multiple seasons. So even though the ten episodes are labeled as season 2, they were likely ordered from the start so Netflix could allegedly cut costs (usually, creators negotiate higher salaries as shows get renewed, it’s why many Netflix shows end after just a few seasons).

That’s a cynical view of it, of course, but it’s worth mentioning. For now, the best thing you can do is watch the new season and share your love for the series on social media. The good news is that Dead End: Paranormal Park seems to have found a passionate fanbase already, so fingers crossed the show gets at least one more season.

Watch both seasons of Dead End: Paranormal Park on Netflix right now. 

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