Will there be a Cuphead Show season 4 on Netflix?

The Cuphead Show just returned with its third season on Netflix! There are officially 11 new episodes for fans to check out, including a couple of holiday-themed installments. But as fans race through the latest batch of Cuphead and Mugman’s hijinks, some have started looking ahead to the possibility of The Cuphead Show season 4.

Premiering on February 18 this year, the animated series is based on the popular and acclaimed run ‘n’ gun indie game Cuphead, which just released a DLC expansion titled Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course this past June.

Throughout the course of one year, Netflix has released 36 episodes of The Cuphead Show, but what is in store for the animated series’ future?

Will there be a Cuphead Show season 4 on Netflix?

There were some initial reports that Netflix initially ordered 48 episodes of The Cuphead Show, but I haven’t found an official source for that news. It looks like the rumor started from this article from Animation Magazine. However, that article says the initial order consisted of 36 episodes, not 48. It’s possible there was an error when it was first reported that has since been corrected.

Odds are, The Cuphead Show is finished now. The third season ends with a fitting finale, and since the first season consisted of 13 episodes, season 2 had 12, and season 3 has 11, that brings the total episode count to 36.

Netflix could renew the show for additional episodes, but it seems like they wanted a three-part story and were happy to release it all in the span of one year. What’s On Netflix previously labeled the third season as the “final season,” so, for now, it appears that The Cuphead Show season 4 is not happening.

Would you like to see more seasons of The Cuphead Show in the future? What did you think of The Cuphead Show season 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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