Why are Maura and Eyk’s names in the Prometheus logbook?

What is lost will be found in the new Netflix mystery thriller 1899. The eight-episode series just debuted in the early hours this morning and introduces viewers to a large cast of complex characters, all traveling from Europe to America on a ship called the Kerberos in search of a new life. From the creators of Dark, Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, many know they’re in for a mind-bending treat full of twists with 1899.

Now that we’ve seen all eight episodes of 1899 we can confidently say this is another wild ride! Nothing is what it seems as we learn the secrets of the passengers who are desperate to start fresh for one reason or another. We primarily follow a character named Maura Franklin (Emily Beecham), a doctor who’s traveling alone in an attempt to find her brother who she believes is on a missing ship called the Prometheus.

But when they find the Prometheus in the middle of the ocean, everything changes. What you think is important at the start of the show really no longer is by the end.

MAJOR spoilers ahead for 1899 on Netflix.

Maura and the Kerberos ship captain Eyk Larsen (Andreas Pietschmann) become obsessed with the Prometheus, especially after boarding it and finding out there are no passengers left. Where did they go? They do find a mysterious little boy (Fflyn Edwards) locked in a cabinet, however, and bring him back to the Kerberos. Eyk is alarmed when he finds the logbook on the Prometheus and finds his name and Maura’s on there. Strange things start happening after that, and as we get deeper and deeper into the story there’s really only one way to explain it all. It’s a simulation.

As it turns out, Maura and her husband Daniel created the simulation to try and keep their dying son, the mysterious little boy from the Prometheus, alive. His name is Elliot. Though Maura had her memory wiped and has no recollection of this, Daniel explains that they’ve been on a loop that resets every eight days, and with every eight days everyone’s memories restart. This doesn’t happen to Daniel, however, who tries to help Maura remember so they can get back to reality.

Were Maura and Eyk on the Prometheus in 1899?

In a shocking reveal, Daniel tells Maura that the simulation has been reset dozens of times, meaning they’ve been in this loop for a decent amount of time. The reason Maura and Eyk’s names were on the logbook in the Prometheus is that they had been passengers on that ship before, in a past alternate reality loop.

When Maura is set back to reality, she’s on a spaceship in the year 2099. All around her are passengers from the Kerberos who are strapped in with devices on their heads, all participating in the fake reality. But just like Maura, their memories had to have been wiped, because they fully do not know they’re in a simulation.

Though we get a lot of answers by the end of 1899, there are still so many things we want to know! Fingers crossed the series is renewed for more seasons so we can keep following Maura and this trippy story.

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