Who’s in the Netflix show?

The Girls at the Back is now streaming on Netflix. It’s the perfect show to watch with a close group of friends on a lazy weekend. If you’re looking forward to watching this show, you absolutely must know who’s included in the cast.

The Girls at the Back is a Spanish Netflix original series created by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo. This isn’t Arévalo’s Netflix debut. Actually, he has a 2019 drama film titled Seventeen currently streaming. He also had a role in the Netflix rom-com The Laws of Thermodynamics. Additionally, José Antonio Félez produced the series through his production company, Atípica Films.

The Girls at the Back follows five childhood friends, now in their 30s, as they go on their annual one-week getaway. But this trip is special, as one of them has been diagnosed with cancer.

Now, without further ado, here’s the complete cast list below!

The Girls at the Back cast

The close friend group consists of Alma, Olga, Sara, Leo, and Carol. Mónica Miranda portrays the role of Alma. Miranda is known for her roles in Everybody KnowsDos vidasNeuroworld and Amar es para siempre.

Godeliv Van den Brandt plays Olga in the series. She’s best known for her role as Rubí in the Netflix original Sky Rojo. Brandt also had roles in RealiveRifkin’s Festival and Magnum Opus.

Itsaso Arana plays the role of Sara. Arana had roles in the TV shows Reyes de la nocheHospital Central and High Seas. You might also recognize her from Netflix’s Seventeen and The August Virgin.

Mariona Terés portrays the role of Leo in the comedy-drama series. Terés is known for her role as Fanny in the Netflix original series Wrong Side of the Tracks. She has also had roles in the action-comedy Heroes Wanted and the TV show Cuéntame.

María Rodríguez Soto plays Carol. You might recognize Soto from her role in the Netflix film The Paramedic. Or you may know her from her roles in The Time in BetweenThe Ministry of Time and The Days to Come.

Here’s the entire cast list below:

  • Mónica Miranda as Alma
  • Godeliv Van den Brandt as Olga
  • Itsaso Arana as Sara
  • Mariona Terés as Leo
  • María Rodríguez Soto as Carol
  • Javier Rey as David
  • Macarena García as Pilu
  • Carmen Machi as Charo
  • Michelle Jenner as Palo
  • Macarena De La Rueda as Eva
  • Antonio de la Torre as Antonio
  • Paula Ribó as Rigoberta
  • Melina Matthews

Check out the official trailer!

The Girls at the Back is streaming right now only on Netflix. Will you be watching the comedy-drama series?

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