Who’s in the Netflix movie?

A new teen movie titled Royalteen arrives on Netflix on Aug. 17. It’s a film involving romance, scandal, and secrets. Honestly, it’s the perfect movie to watch with a group of friends. So, call your friends and get your snacks and drinks ready for movie night!

Royalteen is an upcoming Norwegian original movie directed by Per-Olav Sørensen and Emilie Beck from a screenplay co-written by Sørensen and Ester Schartum-Hansen. It’s a film adaptation of the book titled The Heir by Randi Fuglehaug and Anne Gunn Halvorsen.

The story follows a teen girl named Lena, who moves from her hometown to a new school for a fresh start. While at the school, Lena meets Prince Karl Johan (Kalle), and the two quickly develop feelings for one another. Although Lena likes Kalle, she has a hard time being with him because of a dark secret she’s harboring and a scandal-ridden past.

If Royalteen seems like your cup of tea, you must know who’s a part of the movie’s cast. Below, you’ll find the complete cast list for Royalteen.

Royalteen cast

Ines Høysæter Asserson stars in the leading role of Lena. Asserson is best known for her roles in HarajukuHeirs of the Night, Skam and Autoscopy. Mathias Storhøi stars opposite of Ines Høysæter Asserson as Kalle. Royalteen is Storhøi’s first major acting role.

Here’s the full main cast list below:

  • Ines Høysæter Asserson as Lena
  • Mathias Storhøi as Prince Karl Johan/Kalle
  • Elli Müller Osbourne as Margrethe
  • Filip Bargee Ramberg as Arnie
  • Veslemøy Mørkrid as Lena’s mother
  • Petter Width Kristiansen as Lena’s father
  • Frode Winther as Kongen
  • Amalie Sporsheim as Ingrid
  • Hannah Larsen Walberg as Fanny
  • Ina Dajanna Ervik as Tess
  • Niels Skåber as Gunnar
  • Carmen Andrea Høilund as Guro
  • Christian Ruud Kallum as Lærer Ove

Take a look at the exciting official trailer for a sneak peek of the romance film!

Mark your calendar and set your alarm because Royalteen lands on Netflix on Aug. 17 at 12:00 a.m. PT/3:00 a.m. ET!

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