Who’s in the Netflix detective series?

Need something to watch this weekend? Then how about giving Belascoarán, PI, an exhilarating new Netflix series, a try?

The brand-new title tells the invigorating story of Hector Belascoaran, a down-on-his-luck man who decides to shake up his mundane life in the most extraordinary way. Hector may have bitten off more than he can chew with this sudden change, but as we know, it’s better to have lived life recklessly than to watch our numbered days amount to nothing.

Read more of the official synopsis via Netflix Media Center below:

Place an old desk, sit, smoke and wait? Maybe not… A city like Mexico City needs its own detective. Soon, Belascoarán will take us to discover what it takes to be an independent detective in Mexico’s 70s. Belascoarán’s adventures, written by Paco Ignacio Taibo ll, will arrive on Netflix in 2022.

Hopefully, we were able to pique your interest with this amazing synopsis. If so, keep reading to find out who stars in Belascoarán, PI, and also get a sneak peek at all the action packed into this Netflix original series.

Belascoarán, PI cast

Charlie’s Angels actor Luis Gerardo Méndez stars as Hector Belascoaran in this 2022 title. Alongside Méndez are even more talented actors who bring this show to life in such a unique way. Check out the cast list below:

  • Paulina Gaitan as Irene
  • Irene Azuela as Elisa
  • Francisco Calvillo as Leobardo El Romano
  • Mildred Motta as Laura Camposanto
  • Macarena García Romero as Virginia
  • Silverio Palacios as Gomez Letras

Last but not least, we can thank Ernesto Contreras, Hiromi Kamata, and Gonzalo Amat, for they are the three talented directors who worked relentlessly to create the world novelist Paco Ignacio Taibo ll imagined.

See a glimpse of the masterpiece Contreras, Kamata, and Amat envisioned below.

Words truly can’t capture the awe that is this series, so be sure to head to Netflix to stream all three episodes of Belascoarán, PI right now on Netflix.

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