Who wins the competition and who were the finalists?

The day has finally arrived. Dated and Related is now streaming on Netflix and it didn’t take long for people to swarm the streamer to check out the reality series. Most people have already binge-watched the entire show, while others are quickly making their way through the 10-episode first season. If you’ve somehow landed on this page, you’re either curious about what happens at the end of the season or need a more detailed explainer of what happens. Either way, we’re here to help you out!

Dated and Related is Netflix’s newest dating show that will surely be many people’s new favorite reality series. Initially, the title will throw you off. But once you find out what the show is about, you’ll be instantly hooked and have to see it to the end.

The series follows a group of lucky singles and their siblings as they search for their soulmates while living in a luxurious villa in the South of France. And like other Netflix dating shows, there’s a grand prize of $100,000 for the winning team.

As expected, there’s plenty of drama and chaos while the contestants are on their quest for love. But ultimately, real romantic connections are made and some people walk away happily in love. So how does the first season wrap up? Who wins the dating competition and the cash prize? We answered these questions and much more!

Major spoilers from Dated and Related ahead!

Who were the new contestants?

When the show begins, we’re introduced to five sibling duos (and one pair of cousins). The original sibling pairs included Joey and Corrina Roppo, Kaz and Kieran Bishop, Lily and Mady Bajor, Deyon and Dyman Miller, and Diana and Nina Parsijani. The cousin duo was made up of Chris Hahn and Jason Cohen.

Once we reach episode 3, we’re introduced to two new sibling pairs. Then, in episode 5, a pair of identical male twins enter the competition. The final contestants to join the dating show are introduced in episode 7.

Here are the names of all the new contestants:

  • Julia and Daniel Perfetto (episode 3)
  • Ceylan and Alara Taneri (episode 3)
  • Henry and William Wade (episode 5)
  • Rachel and Andy Foster (episode 7)

Who gets eliminated?

Unfortunately, not all contestants can make it to the end since it’s a competition. However, the contestants don’t have to worry about eliminations until episode 3. The first sibling pair to exit the series is Mady and Lily. After Nina and Diana are crowned the sibling duo who did the most to help each other find love, Melinda tells them that they will have to decide which sibling pair is to be eliminated. There were two duos on the chopping block: Mady and Lily and Jason and Chris. Ultimately, Nina and Diana chose Mady and Lily. Then, eliminations continue throughout the rest of the season.

Here’s every eliminated contestant below:

  • Mady Bajor (episode 3)
  • Lily Bajor (episode 3)
  • Deyon Miller (episode 4)
  • Dyman Miller (episode 4)
  • Chris Hahn (episode 6)
  • Jason Cohen (episode 6)
  • Henry Wade (episode 9)
  • Ceylan Taneri (episode 9)
  • Will Wade (episode 9)
  • Rachel Foster (episode 9)
  • Corrina Roppo (episode 9)
  • Andy Foster (episode 9)
  • Joey Roppo (episode 9)
  • Julia Perfetto (episode 9)

Dated and Related: What is the twist in who’s eligible for winning?

In the first episode, Melinda tells the contestants that the sibling duo who becomes the ultimate wingman/wingwoman to help each other find love would be classified as the winners of the game and would walk away with $100,000. However, this all changes in episode 7.

In episode 7, Melinda reveals to the contestants that the cash prize will not be won by a sibling pair. Instead, it will be won by a romantic couple. This definitely changes the dynamic of the game. For some contestants, it seems like a piece of cake. But for the contestants who haven’t formed any romantic connections yet, it forces them to act quickly.

What happens with Will in Dated and Related?

Will becomes the bad guy in the villa after he makes a comment about wanting to get into a couple to win the cash prize. This makes Julia and Daniel think that he’s not in it to find love. Later, Will has a conversation with Julia and basically tells her how to behave and act, which rubs Julia the wrong way. He also mentions how there’s a cash prize at stake. After his comments, Julia is fed up with him and breaks things off. She goes to talk to the other female contestants and her brother and tells them all the things Will said. Daniel tells Julia that he’s going to confront Will. After Daniel talks to Will, everyone starts to see Will in a different light.

Later in the season, Rachel enters the competition and Will takes a liking to her. Rachel has her eyes set on Will as well until he makes a comment that puts her off. Will tells Rachel that her picking him at eliminations was an easy decision to make. This is when Rachel starts to notice things about Will that she doesn’t necessarily like. She notices their conversations are boring, there’s no sexual chemistry or connection, and he never lets her talk. She starts to realize that Will doesn’t really like her. He just wanted to stay in the villa to win the cash prize.

After Rachel breaks things off with him, she talks to the other girls in the house about the conversation she had with Will. Then, they all decide to confront him. Fortunately for Will, Kieran steps in before things can go south. Later, Rachel and Will clear the air and officially decide to go their separate ways. After Will’s relationship with Rachel, he doesn’t make any other connections in the villa.

Who were the finalists in Dated and Related?

At the end of episode 9, Melinda gathers the remaining contestants outside the villa. Every contestant is pretty much paired up at this point in the competition. However, some of the pairs aren’t on good terms. The couples include Kaz and Diana, Kieran and Alara, Daniel and Nina, Corrina and Andy, Rachel and Will, Julia and Joey.

Melinda tells the couples to stand up if they believe their relationship would work in the real world. The couples that stand up are considered the finalists, and the couples that stay sitting down are eliminated from the competition.

Here is a list of the finalists:

  • Daniel and Nina
  • Kaz and Diana
  • Kieran and Alara

Dated and Related: Who wins the dating competition?

In the final episode, Melinda gathers the finalists together to announce the winners of the competition. However, she’s not the person who decides who the winner will be. Instead, she brings in the returning siblings so that they can cast a final vote on who they think deserves to win. The couple who gets the most votes are the winners and they get to walk away with the $100,000 grand prize.

Here are the final votes below:

  • Julia votes for Daniel and Nina.
  • Ceylan votes for Kieran and Alara.
  • Henry votes for Kaz and Diana.
  • Joey votes for Kaz and Diana.
  • Andy votes for Kieran and Alara.
  • Rachel votes for Kaz and Diana.
  • Will votes for Daniel and Nina.
  • Corrina votes for Kaz and Diana.

Kaz and Diana got the most votes, so they won the competition. They walked away from the competition as a strong couple and $100,000 richer.

Dated and Related: Kaz and Diana’s relationship explained

Kaz and Diana deserved to win the competition because they remained a solid couple throughout the entire show. They’re the first contestants to make a romantic connection and the only couple to profess their love for each other. They had one obstacle in the earlier stages of their relationship, but they became stronger after Kaz reassured Diana that he only had eyes for her.

In episode 8, Kaz tells Kieran that he wants to take things to the next level with Diana and needs his help. Kieran helps Kaz set up a nice romantic date outside the villa and then goes to get Diana. As Diana sits at the table, Kaz holds cards in his hand. Each card says something that leads up to the last two final cards, which say “I love you…” and “Will you be my girlfriend?” Diana tells Kaz she loves him back and that she will be his girlfriend. They share several kisses before finishing their date and then going to tell the others the good news.

What are Corrina’s views on marriage?

After Andy decides to share a bed with his sister instead of Corrina, Corrina talks to Diana, Nina, and Alara about the situation the next morning. Corrina tells them how she thought she and Andy would finally share a bed, but he decided not to. Then, Corrina tells them that she’s somewhat glad they aren’t rushing things because she’s saving herself for marriage. The other girls are shocked but applaud Corrina for her views.

Later, Corrina tells Andy she’s a virgin and saving herself for marriage. Andy is surprised by Corrina’s reveal but is happy that she told him. However, since Andy has different views on marriage than Corrina, they decide to go their separate ways.

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