Who stars in the Netflix movie?

The Chalk Line, or Jaula (translating to “Cage” in Spanish; also known under the working title La casa de tiza) is a 2022 Spanish mystery thriller due to be released on Netflix on October 30. Ahead of its release, we’re taking a look at the cast who make up the psychological thriller film.

The movie, directed by Ignacio Tatay, follows a couple who “temporarily adopts a young girl” after finding her “wandering around alone.” The child exhibits some peculiar habits, including refusing to step out of a chalk square drawn on the soil for fear she will be terrorized by an unseen monster lurking beyond the line.

The new release is sure to get pulses racing. But if you wanted to familiarise with yourself a bit better with the cast of The Chalk Line you’re in luck, we have the full list of actors below.  Without further ado, let’s learn who is in the movie.

The Chalk Line cast: Who is in the movie?

Being that the movie is of Spanish origin, you’re likely unsurprised to learn that the actors in the movie are also Spanish. Some of the actors’ names may not be as familiar to you but rest assured that the cast of The Chalk Line probably does an incredible job of bringing to life this creepy tale. The full cast list, via IMDb, and the role the actor is portraying, are as follows:

  • Elena Anaya as Paula
  • Pablo Molinero as Simón
  • Eva Tennear as Clara
  • Eva Llorach as Maite
  • Carlos Santos as Eduardo
  • Esther Acebo as Claudia
  • Eloy Azorín as Beltrán
  • Mona Martínez as Sargento Arana
  • Sonia Almarcha as Gloria
  • Pau Roca as Cabo Bedoya
  • Cayetana Campos as Ainoha
  • Rodrigo Sáenz de Heredia as Médico
  • Silvia de Pé as Enfermera 1
  • Jazmín Abuín as Enfermera 2
  • Helen Bertels as Psicóloga Alemana
  • Belén López-Valcárcel as Vecina Amiga
  • Jorge Cabrera as Agente UCO
  • Fabrice Arias as Gendarme 1

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