Who makes partner in Partner Track season 1? (Spoilers)

Partner Track season 1 has finally arrived on Netflix and Netflix definitely seems to have yet another hit on its hands!

The new series centers around first-generation Korean American lawyer Ingrid Yun as she fights an uphill battle to break through the glass ceiling on her path to become partner at the prestigious (but old school) law firm, Parsons Valentine & Hunt. However, Ingrid’s not the only one with their eye on becoming partners.

With only a few partner spots up for grabs, the partner track is one plagued by shocking twists and turns that will have you guessing who will manage to secure the title of partner all season long.

As you might expect, the big reveal of who is named partner doesn’t come until the end of the season. However, if you can’t wait until then and are hoping to find out the spoilers regarding who makes partner in season 1, we’ve got your spoiler-filled look at who does and doesn not make partner!

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Partner Track season 1. If you don’t want to spoil who makes partner, proceed with caution as there are some major spoilers ahead!

Does Ingrid make partner in Partner Track season 1?

Although Ingrid ran point on Sun Corp (saving the deal from falling through a number of times) literally has poured hours of work into the firm and was even promised the position by Dan if she headed the Diversity Gala, Ingrid does not make partner in Partner Track season 1.

While her race and gender undoubtedly factored into why she was overlooked by the old-school boys’ club, it’s hinted at in the season finale that she lost the role after Jeff threw her under the bus. After she confronts Dan about the decision, he mentions that she didn’t put the firm first by telling them about her arrest, going to jail and needing to be bailed out while Jeff did — something he seems to have used as leverage to secure his own partner role with the firm

Does Dan make partner in Partner Track season 1?

As the firm’s proverbial golden boy, it should come as no surprise that Dan makes partner — despite the horrible actions he displayed at the company retreat. Not only does he look like the other partners at the firm and share their same old-school views, but he also has solid books and brings in a lot of money for the film — two reasons the firm leans into for naming him partner.

Does Jeff make partner in Partner Track season 1?

While Jeff had no business being named partner after coasting upon his arrival, he ended up securing one of the three partner spots and it seems he did so by throwing Ingrid under the bus. As we learn in the final, Jeff took it upon himself to tell Dan about Ingrid’s arrest — likely leaving out the context that she was wrongly accused — which he seemed to leverage as a card to bump Ingrid from the list and secure his own seat at the table.

Does Rachel make partner in Partner Track season 1?

While Rachel was going for partner in a different department within the firm, she too was overlooked and did not make partner at the firm but for a different set of reasons than those that held Ingrid back.

As her boss informs her at the partner announcement party, Rachel failed to make partner because she’s billing half the hours as her peers and seems to be essentially part-time with her lack of effort. For that reason, it’s Carrie Cole, Sophia Feely and Remy Arnault who are named litigation’s new partners for the year.

Does Tyler make partner in Partner Track season 1?

Not only does Tyler not make partner, but he’s not even in the running by the time comes to name the year’s new partners. While Tyler was on track for one of the year’s partner spots, he walks away from the firm after they choose not to take any major actions again Dan following his racist comedy routine at the firm’s retreat.

Does Hunter make partner in Partner Track season 1?

While Hunter wasn’t a frontrunner to get partner in the season, he ends up getting named partner after he lands a major account. As we learn in episode 9 on the eve of the big announcement, Hunter lands the Bearington account when they personally requested he be their guy. Landing the whale of a client helps Hunter become one of the three individuals to be named partner.

Be sure to catch season 1 of Partner Track now on Netflix! 

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