Who lives in the 657 Boulevard house now?

Get ready because the true-crime miniseries The Watcher lands on Netflix on Oct. 13! This upcoming series follows the true story of a family who was looking forward to moving into their dream home but was halted when they began receiving threatening letters from an anonymous stalker named “The Watcher.”

Shortly after purchasing 657 Boulevard in Westfield, New Jersey in June 2014, the Broaddus family started to receive ominous letters from a mysterious stalker. The frightened family immediately took action and began seeking help from the police, private investigators, and FBI agents to find out who was behind the letters. Sadly, the culprit was never found and the Broaddus family ended up selling the house in 2019 for $959,360, which was around $400,000 less than what they bought it for.

So, who did the Broaddus family sell the six-bedroom house to? Here’s everything we know about the new homeowners of 657 Boulevard.

The Watcher on Netflix: Who lives in the 657 Boulevard house now?

Before the Broaddus family sold the house, they were forced to rent it out because potential buyers were scared off by The Watcher’s letters. They even tried to have the house torn down and split into two homes, but the local planning board unanimously rejected the proposal.

According to TODAY Home, 657 Boulevard was finally sold on July 1, 2019, by real estate agent Beth Sullivan of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. The real estate agent declined to reveal who the new homeowners were, but after further research, we discovered that the new owners are Andrew and Allison Carr.

This was a huge loss for the Broadduses, who purchased the home for $1.3 million, but I’m pretty sure they were happy that they wouldn’t have to worry about the creepy letters and house anymore.

The Watcher will be available to stream on Netflix on Oct. 13.

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