Who is the killer in Wednesday season 1 on Netflix?

Wednesday season 1 has finally arrived on Netflix and there is a lot to love about Netflix’s newest original series. In the series, audiences are introduced to a new iteration of the iconic Addams Family through a show that, you guessed it, centers around Wednesday Addams.

After getting into some trouble at her previous school, Wednesday is transferred to Nevermore Academy. Upon arriving, Wednesday is thrust into the center of a mysterious killing spree claiming the lives of several unsuspecting victims.

Warning: Spoilers ahead from Wednesday season 1

It begins in the first episode of the season when Wednesday is attacked by a fellow Nevermore student in the woods. Her classmate is convinced Wednesday must be killed because of a vision his mother, a seer, had 25 years ago which hinted that Wednesday would be the downfall of Nevermore.

This is when we get a first glimpse of the season’s mysterious killer beast, who emerges from the shadows and kills Rowan before he can kill Wednesday. The attack was the first of many to come across the season, as the monster claims several others’ lives while injuring several others along the way.

As the season progresses, we learn that the monster wreaking havoc is a beast known as a Hyde. Hydes are monsters that are controlled by a master and are often unaware of their actions while in Hyde form. This adds a new layer to the mystery leaving us to figure out the Hyde is and who the master behind the monster happens to be.

Who is the Hyde in Wednesday season 1?

Across the season, the writers do a good job of keeping fans guessing as there are several characters who viewers are led to believe is the Hyde. Like Wednesday, we’re led to believe that Xavier is the Hyde for good reason.

Xavier shows up shortly after several of the Hyde’s attacks but is never seen at the time of the monster’s attack. His studio is full of paintings of the creature, but the real piece of damning evidence is the trophies from the victims discovered in his procession. However, as we later discover, Xaiver is not the Hyde but rather the fall guy used to throw the police off the trail of the real killer. The real Hyde is actually Tyler! That’s right, Tyler is not a normie and is actually a Hyde!

In episode 7, Wednesday shares a kiss with Tyler which triggers a vision of him as the Hyde standing above the body of Dr. Kinbott. When confronted, Tyler reveals that his mother was a Nevermore student and shared his Hyde gene… which was unlocked by a very unsuspecting individual!

Who is the killer in Wednesday season 1?

Technically there are two killers in Wednesdaythe Hyde monster doing most of the dirty work and the puppetmaster pulling the strings behind the curtain. After the revelation that Tyler is the Hyde responsible for the killings, we discover the person pulling the strings behind the scenes is none other than Ms. Thornhill (Christina Ricci), who is actually a woman named Laurel Gates, the sister of a former Nevermore student named Garrett who was killed years ago at the school.

As it turns out, Laurel enlisted Tyler’s help to enact a plan to bring Nevermore down as part of a revenge plan. Laurel unlocked Tyler’s Hyde abilities and helped create is hatred for the outcasts for how they treated his late mother. Meanwhile, Laurel took up the mantra of Ms. Thronhill as a way to weasel her way into Nevermore to help enact her grand scheme of resurrecting Crackstone to wipe out Nevermore and its outcast students.

Together, Laurel and Tyler were responsible for the murders and attacks against the students of Nevermore and the townspeople of Jericho. Luckily, Wednesday and her friends are able to bring their reigns of terror to an end as the season ends… though the door is left open for the pair to cause more chaos in a potential second season.

Wednesday season 1 is streaming now on Netflix.

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