Who is the From Scratch star Eugenio Mastrandrea dating?

Undoubtedly, Eugenio Mastrandrea is our heartthrob of the week!

Despite it being days since we watched Mastrandrea star in the moving Netflix original series, From Scratch, we still can’t get him off our minds, as this actor is not only super charming but also has a very attractive personality in real life. (Case in point, his Instagram!)

We know we’re not the only ones feeling this sentiment, especially since thousands of fans worldwide have been itching to know about the romantic life of this actor, particularly whether he is single and ready to mingle or is off the market.

Of course, we’re not going to leave you in limbo when it comes to this juicy question. Here’s everything we know about Eugenio Mastrandrea’s dating status, as well as his dating history.

Eugenio Mastrandrea partner 2022

It looks like cupid is on our side for once because, from the looks of his social media account and according to various media outlets like Celebs Week, Eugenio Mastrandrea is not currently romantically linked to anyone.

Before you jump for joy, be sure to take this information with a grain of salt since Mastrandrea may be a person who prefers to keep his love life on the down low. For all we know, he could indeed be wholly smitten by someone, so let’s wait a little while to know for sure. (There’s nothing wrong with thirsting after Lino, though!)

Eugenio Mastrandrea dating history

Similar to his current dating status, we also know little about Mastrandrea’s dating history.

While we attribute the majority of our lack of knowledge to the fact that the 28-year-old actor is a fairly private person, we also believe it’s due to him being an on-the-rise actor who we are still learning more and more about every day.

Perhaps he’ll do an interview answering all his fans’ burning questions, including questions surrounding his dating life. But while we wait for that day to come, we can show him our full support by streaming his latest project, From Scratch, only on Netflix.

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