Who is misdiagnosed and sent home from Brightcliffe Hospice?

The Midnight Club is now streaming on Netflix and this mystery-horror series you’ll definitely want to see. If you’re a fan of bestselling author Christopher Pike’s mystery novels, you’re probably already familiar with The Midnight Club. The show is based on Pike’s 1994 novel of the same name and tells the story of eight terminally ill patients at a hospice who come together every night at twelve to exchange scary stories. One night, the patients make a secret pact that the first person to die from their illness would be responsible for contacting the group from beyond the grave to prove there’s an afterlife.

Throughout the first season, the Brightcliffe patients (llonka, Kevin, Anya, Natsuki, Amesh, Cheri, Sandra, and Spencer) try to make the best out of their situations. Still, they have their moments where they’re not as optimistic.

The group’s attitude towards their health diagnoses reaches an all-time low when one of their own succumbs to their disease. But there’s one patient who receives good news concerning their health and is able to go home. Who is it? We answered this question below.

Spoilers from The Midnight Club ahead!

The Midnight Club: Who is misdiagnosed and sent home from Brightcliffe Hospice?

At the end of episode 7, Dr. Stanton is on the phone with a mysterious person talking about Anya’s passing and how she received a phone call from two doctors regarding one of her patients. Meanwhile, llonka is hiding in the hallways listening in on the conversation. During Dr. Stanton’s phone call, she mentions that after looking at one of her patient’s recent lab results, it appears that they might not be terminal. However, we don’t find out who the patient is until episode 9.

At the start of episode 8, llonka meets with Dr. Stanton and tells her she overheard her conversation on the phone the night before. During their discussion, llonka asks Dr. Stanton if she’s the one who’s healing from her disease, and Dr. Stanton tells her no. So, who could it be?

At the beginning of episode 9, Dr. Stanton is shown speaking to one of her patients in her office, but the patient isn’t revealed right away. Dr. Stanton tells the patient that their lab results came back and that even though the results show some polyps and lesions still in their small intestine, there are fewer than when they first got to Brightcliffe. This means the patient is healing, and the terminal diagnosis was an error. Then, the patient is revealed to be Sandra. If you recall, Sandra had lymphoma. She’s in disbelief when Dr. Stanton tells her the good news.

Later, Sandra tells the rest of the Brightcliffe patients what Dr. Stanton told her. She tells them she was misdiagnosed from the start and that her grandparents would be coming to pick her up the next day. She also tells them that she has some other gastrointestinal disease, but it’s believed to be not terminal. The next morning, Sandra’s grandparents show up at Brightcliffe to pick up Sandra. Sandra says her emotional goodbyes and then leaves Brightcliffe.

The Midnight Club is available to stream on Netflix.

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