Who is Maya Hawke dating? The Do Revenge star’s relationship status

American actress Maya Hawke is at the height of her career right now, which is why millions of her fans are dying to know more about this Do Revenge star.

While learning about what shows and films Maya has done in the past is a great place to start, we know that, sometimes, die-hard fans would also like to know the more personal details of the celeb’s life. Specifically, her relationship status as well as who this actress has been romantically linked to in the past.

Fortunately for everyone, we do know a thing or two about Maya Hawke’s romantic life and we don’t mind giving you all the details.

Here’s who Maya Hawke is dating as of today.

Maya Hawke boyfriend 2022

She’s in love!

Maya Hawke and musician Spencer Barnett reportedly began dating in February 2022, not too long after Maya’s brother, Levon Hawke, brought them together. Shortly after going public, Maya and Spencer were pictured attending various red carpet events together, and have been seen showing some major PDA while they’re out and about. All this and more confirm that they are absolutely head-over-heels for one another.

Though she doesn’t mind being snapped with her boo in public, it seems neither Maya nor Spencer have gotten to that stage in their relationship where they take to Instagram to post a picture of the two together. We’ll have to do with Spencer’s picture of Maya on his Instagram for now, but we’re sure these crumbs will become a full meal soon enough.

As we wait for Maya and Spencer to take an anniversary picture and/or birthday flick, let’s dive into Maya’s life before the talented musician came into her life.

Maya Hawke dating history

Before there was Spencer Barnett, there was Tom Sturridge.

According to J-14, Maya and The Sandman actor dated from July 2020 to January 2022. It’s unclear why the two-year relationship came to such an abrupt end, but it may have something to do with their significant age gap.

Maya was around 22 years old, while Tom was 34 years old when they first got together. Her fans weren’t the biggest supporters of this pairing because of the age difference, but it’s safe to say they quickly nipped that in the bud once they realized Maya’s partner before Tom, Rolling Stone CEO Gus Wenner, was also a couple of years older than the Stranger Things star.

Aside from Gus Wenner and Tom Sturridge, Maya Hawke’s other past partners are unknown.

Hopefully, we were able to help you learn a little more about Maya Hawke. If so, be sure to check back in with Netflix Life for more updates about the actress’ life, and don’t forget to show her your support by streaming Do Revenge on Netflix.

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