Who is in the Netflix show?

Mugman and Cuphead are back for more misadventures and LOLs with the release of the 11 new episodes in The Cuphead Show season 3, on Nov. 18, 2022. Season 3 picks up right where season 2 left off, with the Devil (voiced by TikToker and actor Luke Millington-Drake) holding Mugman captive after the brothers found and refused to return his devilish pitchfork to him.

The Cuphead Show, based on the popular run-and-gun game Cuphead, created by Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, and influenced by classic 1930s cartoons, visuals, and audio, has quickly become a MUST-SEE in Netflix’s animated lineup.

From a recent preview, we know Luke Millington-Drake, Tru Valentino, and Frank Todaro are set to reprise their roles in the series, but who else returns for season 3? Find out which actor is behind the voice of your favorite animated characters below!

The Cuphead Show season 3 cast

The full cast list for The Cuphead Show season 3, according to IMDb, is as follows:

  • Tru Valentino as Cuphead
  • Frank Todaro as Mugman
  • Joe Hanna as Elder Kettle
  • David Wasson as Henchman
  • Cosmo Segurson as Elephant
  • Grey Griffin as Ms. Chalice
  • Luke Millington-Drake as Devil
  • Andrew Morgado as Stickler
  • Keith Ferguson as Bowlboy
  • Melique Berger as Belinda
  • Natasia Demetriou as Cala Maria
  • Wayne Brady as King Dice
  • Deeki Deke as Mailman
  • Chris Wylde as Croaks
  • Rick Zieff as Croaks
  • Gary Anthony Williams as Quadratus
  • Jim Conroy as Duke
  • Adam Paloian as Harry

Is there a trailer for The Cuphead Show season 3?

Ahead of the release of part 3 in the Netflix The Cuphead Show saga, the streaming giant released a preview of some of the cartoon slapstick humor fans can expect from the new season release. If you’ve yet to see the trailer, then check it out below!

The Cuphead Show season 3 is now streaming on Netflix; add the series to your watchlist now! And make sure to stay tuned to Netflix Life for more details on the animated hit.


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