Who is Goody Addams in Wednesday?

Netflix’s new teen series that’s fit for the whole family has officially arrived, with Wednesday debuting in the early hours this morning. The eight-episode series follows the titular character as she’s sent to a boarding school for outcasts called Nevermore. Wednesday’s parents, Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and Gomez Addams (Luis Guzmán), attended the academy in their youth and are excited about Wednesday’s next chapter. Even if she isn’t. In the leading role is Jenna Ortega, best known for her roles in horror movies like X, Scream, and The Babysitter: Killer Queen.

Though Wednesday doesn’t want to leave home for Nevermore, she quickly starts to enjoy her time there as she realizes there’s a monster on the loose she might be able to stop.

Spoilers ahead for Wednesday on Netflix.

As Wednesday is in her teenage years, she’s still learning a lot about herself. She has visions that she doesn’t understand or know how to control, but they seem to show her a look into the future. And usually, they show her bad things that are about to happen. While at Nevermore, she meets a girl named Goody Addams in her visions, and it becomes apparent she’s going to be very important to solving the mystery of the murders and attacks.

As Wednesday soon discovers through pages in a book, there’s some type of prophecy for her to face off against a historical man named John Crackstone who was a powerful pilgrim from the nearby town of Jericho. As Wednesday spends more time there, she has more visions of the 1600s and gets to know Goody a little better.

Who is Goody Addams?

Goody Addams is Wednesday’s ancestor from around 400 years ago during the New England witch trials. As we learn from Wednesday’s visions, Goody and her family were targeted by Crackstone who wanted to “expunge the new world of the outcasts.” During a scene with her mother, Wednesday opens up about Goody and Morticia says she might be able to help her take control of her visions. Wednesday later holds a seance in her room to try and contact Goody.

In the end, Goody is the one to save Wednesday from death in the final showdown in Crackstone’s crypt. If it wasn’t for Goody, Wednesday probably would’ve never been in this mess, but she wouldn’t have been able to save her fellow students and find the killer, either.

Was Goody Addams a real person?

Most are familiar with the Salem witch trials which took place in Massachusetts in the 1600s, but that wasn’t the only location that saw the prosecutions. The trials took place all over New England, including Vermont, where Wednesday takes place. That said, we could not find any evidence that Goody Addams was a real person, but we’re sure the character was inspired by many women who faced accusations of witchcraft at the time.

Is Goody Addams played by Jenna Ortega?

As you’re watching Wednesday, you’ll probably notice that Goody looks exactly like Wednesday, except with blonde hair. We can assume, as actress Jenna Ortega does not have a twin in real life (that we know of), that she plays Goody as well. We’ll be sure to confirm this if we get more information!

This new Netflix show is fun-filled from start to finish, and you don’t want to miss a minute of it! Be sure to stream all eight episodes of Wednesday right now.

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