Who is Angelina Chavez Torres? (Dedication explained)

Who is Angelina Chavez Torres? If you’ve just finished watching Netflix’s newest Christmas movie, Christmas with Youchances are you might be asking this very question, and for good reason.

At the conclusion of the film, there is a dedication card honoring Torres which has created a lot of curiosity among viewers. These dedications are often included as a way to honor a late member of the cast and crew, or someone close to the production. And this is indeed the case with the dedication included at the end of Christmas with You. 

So what exactly was Torres’ connection to Netflix’s latest Christmas movie?

Christmas with You: Angelina Chavez Torres in memoriam explained

If the name Angelina Chavez Torres wasn’t immediately recognizable, it’s understandable given the fact that Torres is not a member of the film’s cast. Nor is she a member of the crew who helped to create Christmas with You, but she does share a major connection with one of the individuals responsible for creating the film.

Torres is the mother of Christmas with You writer German Michael Torres, who sadly passed away in July 2020. German confirmed the news on Instagram in an emotional post celebrating his mother upon her passing.

“My beautiful mom, my Angel, is now an Angel with my pops. My heart is broken. I love you, mom,” German wrote in his Instagram post. “Thank you for being the best mom ever and loving me like you did.”

The dedication in Christmas with You was a way for German to celebrate his late mother via the In Memoriam title card. This is a common practice for creatives, who often dedicate pieces of their works to loved ones as was the case with German’s tribute to his mother in Christmas with You. 

Christmas with You is streaming now on Netflix. 

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