Who does Ingrid end up with in The Partner Track book by Helen Wan?

Who does Ingrid Yun end up with? That’s the burning question Netflix’s new series Partner Track will have viewers watching from the very first episode of the must-see new series!

Will she find happiness with charming millionaire Nick Laren, who sweeps her off her feet early in the season after an unexpected encounter? Or will the history shared with the dashing Jeff Murphy with whom she shared an unforgettable one-night stand six years ago be enough to bring the newfound colleagues together once more after Jeff is transferred to the New York office?

The series does a brilliant job of creating speculation among viewers throughout the season through its streamy love triangle, resulting in a curiosity to know who Ingrid might end up with in the end — not just of the season, but the show.

While with most shows fans typically have to wait to see how things unfold as the seasons go by, Partner Track happens to be based on a book of the same name which means the series is pulling inspiration from the source material. This, of course, also means that the ending of Ingrid’s story is out there in the world already via the book that has inspired the Netflix series.

Eager to know who Ingrid ends up with in Helen Wan’s The Partner Track book in hopes that it might spoil who she ends up with in the show the book is based upon? If you’re eager to know to answer to that burning question read on, but know potential spoilers await!

Who does Ingrid end up with in the Partner Track book?

If you’re assuming Ingrid ends up with Jeff or Nick at the end of The Partner Track by Helen Wan, we have show news that might surprise you. In the book that inspired the series, Ingrid does not end up with either character. Instead, she ends up with a character not yet introduced in the series.

After breaking up with Jeff in the book, Ingrid presses pause on dating until she bumps into Tim Hollister, a partner at Parsons Valentine & Hunt, at a corporate legal ethics CLE at New York City Bar after she’s left the firm to start a firm of her own! When he stops to congratulate her on her new firm, the pair strike up a relationship that starts with coffee which leads to lunch the following week and dinner the week after.

As the book ends, the pair are still in the early stages of their relationship but are in a really good place which suggests Tim might be endgame if introduced in the series.

So who is this mystery man? In the books, Tim is in the associate class three years ahead of Ingrid. When he makes partner, he ends up being a rarity in that he never sees himself as being above any of his colleagues or anyone else for that matter. In the book, he’s described as having salt-and-pepper hair and kind gray eyes and as being “the type of guy whose appeal, I guessed, was obvious to most but not all.”

It’s going to be interesting to see if we’ll meet Tim in season 2 — should Netflix renew the series — or if the show will change up Ingrid’s ending by having her end up with Jeff or Nick in the series. Either way, we’re hoping season 2 is ordered so that we might meet Tim and see what his character’s arrival could mean for the show!

Be sure to catch season 1 of Partner Track now on Netflix! 

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