Where will Gotham stream next after it leaves Netflix?

DC fans are getting hit from all angles right now it seems thanks to the insanity going on at Warner Bros. Discovery and now, the popular FOX drama series Gotham will be leaving Netflix!

The superhero show aired for five seasons on FOX, for a total of 100 episodes, before coming to an end. It was even popular enough to spawn a prequel series on Epix called Pennyworth which follows the origins of Gotham‘s iteration of Alfred Pennyworth.

For the past few years, viewers have been able to watch the series on Netflix, but that’s changing soon, unfortunately. Netflix recently revealed that the last day to watch the show is September 29, 2022. Meaning that, as of September 30, the show will no longer be streaming on the platform.

As to where the show will go next? It’s all up in the air right now.

When will Gotham leave Netflix?

Gotham is leaving Netflix on September 30, so the last day to watch it is September 29. All five seasons will be exiting the streamer.

Where to watch Gotham after it leaves Netflix

The most realistic option for Gotham would be for the show to start streaming on HBO Max, but it’s hard to predict what’s going to happen with any DC or Warner Bros. properties right now with all the changes happening at Warner Bros. Discovery.

Shows have been removed from HBO Max, production has been halted and some projects have been scrapped altogether (like Batgirl). WBD plans on licensing some of its shows to competitors to make quick cash. That’s why we saw the return of CW/WB series like Reign and The Originals earlier this month.

The Vampire Diaries is another big show that is expected to leave Netflix in September, but it’ll be interesting to see if WBD changes their minds and decides to license it back to Netflix for money. The same can be said for Gotham. Right now, Netflix has said the series is leaving but that could change between now and September 29.

If WBD decides it would be worth more money to them in the long run to license it to Netflix for cash flow then the show could stick around. If not, then it will either end up on HBO Max or potentially another streaming service. It’s really hard to say right now.

In the meantime, I suggest that if Gotham is one of your favorite shows, you might want to consider purchasing it on physical media. You can buy the complete series on DVD, or individual seasons, on Amazon and via other retailers. Better to be safe than end up with no way to revisit your favorite series!

Are you disappointed that Gotham will no longer be streaming on Netflix? Have you considered purchasing the show digitally or on physical media?

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