Where was Netflix film The Curse of Bridge Hollow filmed?

Halloween season has brought us a charming new teen horror-comedy in the form of The Curse of Bridge Hollow, starring Stranger Things actress Priah Ferguson and comedian Marlon Wayans.

Playing a father-daughter duo, Ferguson and Wayans’ characters team up to take down a mischievous Halloween spirit who has been bringing decorations to life to terrorize the small New England town of Bridge Hollow. Despite hating Halloween, Howard (Wayans) knows he must work with his daughter to save the townspeople.

While watching the movie, you might recognize the setting or even wonder if any places used to make the film are real. Is Bridge Hollow a real town? Was the movie filmed in New England? Below we’ll detail all of The Curse of Bridge Hollow filming locations.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow filming locations

The Curse of Bridge Hollow was filmed in a few locations, including the Atlanta Studio Complex for Screen Gems Studios. Additional filming took place in Monticello, Georgia, and Wilmington, North Carolina. While a significant amount of film and television production takes place in New York City and Los Angeles, both Georgia and North Carolina are also popular spots for Hollywood.

Many notable shows have been filmed in Atlanta, such as The Walking Dead and The Vampire Diaries. Similarly, Wilmington is a hotspot for production, and other Netflix films like Along for the Ride have also been filmed there.

Was The Curse of Bridge Hollow filmed in New England?

Even though the town of Bridge Hollow is a New England town in the film, filming did not take place in the northern part of the United States and was instead centered in the south in places like Georgia and North Carolina.

Is Bridge Hollow a real town?

No, Bridge Hollow is a fictional town created for the movie.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow is now streaming on Netflix.

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