Where was Inside Man on Netflix filmed?

Inside Man is the latest thriller to land on Netflix, hitting the streamer on Oct. 31, 2022. Now that Halloween has come and gone this year, it’s time to sink our teeth in some hard-hitting dramas before switching over to holiday shows and movies. This series first debuted on BBC One in Sept. 2022, and is now billed as a Netflix series outside of the UK.

The four-part series has an impressive cast, including Stanley Tucci and David Tennant, and is created by acclaimed writer Steven Moffat (Doctor Who, Sherlock). If you haven’t started watching Inside Man yet and want to know what it’s all about, check out the trailer below. The show follows a prison inmate looking to mend his relationship with God while waiting on death row.

Inside Man trailer

Though Inside Man is an English production, some of the scenes take place in the United States, namely the prison. If you started watching the new drama and are curious about where exactly it’s filmed, look no further! We’ve provided you with everything we know below.

Inside Man on BBC One/Netflix filming locations

According to the site Find That Location, which does a great job breaking down filming locations by episode, Inside Man was filmed in Greater London, England. More specific sites include Broad Street in Wokingham, the Senate House in Bloomsbury, St. Andrew’s Church in Farnham, The Beehive Pub in Feltham, and more. The Sun reports that no filming took place in the U.S. Internal scenes were reported to have been filmed at Farnborough Film Studios.

You can stream all four episodes of Inside Man right now on Netflix. We’re sure this one will be a hit for the streamer!

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