Where is the Broaddus family now?

Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan’s new Netflix original series, The Watcher, will finally be available to stream on Thursday, Oct. 13. While waiting for the true crime miniseries to arrive, people have been looking up all there is to know about the show. More specifically, people are searching for information regarding the real family who bought the seemingly haunted house.

If you weren’t aware, The Watcher is based on a true story of a married couple and their three kids who were hoping to move into their dream home in Westfield, New Jersey but were unable to do so due to creepy, threatening letters sent by a mysterious stalker called “The Watcher.”

The Broaddus family is the actual family who bought the home. The family is made up of Derek and Maria Broaddus and their three kids. In June 2014, the Broaddus family purchased the six-bedroom house at 657 Boulevard for $1.3 million and were doing renovations before they moved in. But one night, Derek checked the mail at the new house and found a strange letter addressed to the new owners. The letter writer shared that they had been watching the house for decades and private information about the Broaddus family.

As more and more creepy letters were received, the Broaddus family sought out the police, private investigators, FBI agents, and even took the matter into their own hands to get to the bottom of who was behind the letters. But there wasn’t much hard evidence since the mysterious stalker didn’t leave a digital trail or fingerprints. It was also hard to place someone at the scene of the crime.

In the end, the stalker was never found and the Broaddus family put what was supposed to be their ideal home on the market for less than what they initially bought it for. In July 2019, 657 Boulevard was reportedly sold to new owners for $959,360. So, where is the Broaddus family now in 2022?

The Watcher on Netflix: Where is the Broaddus family now?

Not much is known about the Broaddus family’s current whereabouts. But, according to The Cut, two years after The Watcher’s threatening letters arrived, the Broaddus family decided to borrow money from family members to purchase a second home in Westfield, using an LLC to keep the location confidential.

However, there’s a possibility that the Broaddus family might not live in that house anymore since that was in 2016. During that time, they were considered outcasts and Derek Broaddus was eager to leave Westfield. Maybe Derek eventually convinced Maria to move from the town that caused them so much distress. We’ll probably never know the Broaddus family’s whereabouts. I’m pretty sure they will try to remain private for the rest of their lives after all they went through.

Be sure to check out The Watcher when it arrives on Netflix on Oct. 13.

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