Where is Sally McNeil from Netflix docuseries Killer Sally now?

Killer Sally is one of Netflix’s latest true crime documentary series. The investigative doc re-examines Sally McNeil’s murder conviction from 1996.

Former professional bodybuilder Sally McNeil was charged with second-degree murder for shooting and killing her husband, fellow bodybuilder Ray McNeil on Valentine’s Day, 1995. McNeil alleged that her husband had a long history of abusing her and attacked her that night when she got the shotgun and shot him twice.

The jury did not believe McNeil acted in self-defense and instead ruled in favor of the prosecution. However, Killer Sally invites McNeil to tell her story in her own words. The series comes from award-winning filmmaker Nanette Burstein (Hilary and On the Ropes).

Killer Sally aims to shed light on the reality of the case and the unfortunate way the media sensationalized it at the time. McNeil became the butt of many late-night jokes and bits. The press would refer to her as a “monster” and a “brawny bride” due to her physique.

How long was Sally McNeil in prison?

After getting convicted of second-degree murder in 1996, McNeil was sentenced to 19 years to life in prison. Things became complicated from there as McNeil appealed the sentence and had her conviction overturned, but then the state of California took the case to the Supreme Court, which overruled the appeals court, reinstating McNeil’s original sentencing. She was ultimately released on parole in 2020.

Killer Sally. Sally McNeil in Killer Sally. Cr. Netflix © 2022

Where is Sally McNeil now?

Once released on parole, Sally moved to the Veterans Transitions Center in California and met her third husband, Norfleet Stewart, at a VTC support group. The Killer Sally documentary series shows some of their wedding footage.

At the end of the documentary, Sally, now 62, expresses her optimism for the future and her life with Stewart.

All three episodes of Killer Sally are now streaming on Netflix.

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