When could season 2 arrive?

The wait for Shadow and Bone season 2 has been as excruciating as what happens in The Fold. Okay, maybe not that bad. Those characters definitely go through it way worse. But ever since the fantasy series debuted on Netflix, us fans have been impatiently waiting for the second season!

We were left with so many cliffhangers… Kirigan (aka the Darkling) is still alive though the main characters don’t know that yet. Alina needs to work on strengthening her magic, Nina and Matthias are on rocky ground, and everyone’s favorite Crows set out on a new adventure.

We’ve known a second season is coming since Netflix announced the news in June 2021. We’re still waiting on a release date, though. We don’t have one yet, but we can make some guesses as to when we can see our favorite Shadow Summoner Alina and First Army soldier Mal once again!

When could Shadow and Bone season 2 arrive on Netflix?

All right, so here’s what we do know: Filming for season 2 began in January 2022 and wrapped on June 6. We know the exact date thanks to a Twitter announcement made by the lovely cast. So it took about five months to finish production.

Now we have to remember that the fantasy series requires lots of visual effects, which means post-production can take a while. After all, that’s one of the reasons why Stranger Things season 4 took so long to finish.

Shadow and Bone season 2 will have a total of eight episodes. That might not seem like much, but since Netflix episode run times are usually longer and there’s a lot of material, post-production will take longer than we think. As a prediction, I would say we won’t be seeing the sophomore season until early 2023. That’s just a guess on my part, but we won’t know until Netflix announces an official date.

We’re hoping that’s going to happen at Netflix’s TUDUM event, which takes place on Saturday, Sept. 24. Shadow and Bone is one of the shows that will be featured at the event. But the company hasn’t shared what kind of information we might be getting. Since filming finished back in June, I think the company has a good idea of when to set that release date. Fingers crossed we get the announcement at TUDUM!

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