When could season 2 arrive on Netflix?

Fans were delighted to learn Netflix would be continuing the popular Vikings series with a spinoff after the original show ended its six-season run on the History Channel. Now that it’s been close to a year since Vikings: Valhalla premiered, many are curious when Netflix will announce the Vikings: Valhalla season 2 release date.

Luckily for fans of this particular Netflix series, the streaming service took all the stressful guesswork out of the show’s renewal status and gave it an early three-season renewal. Viewers haven’t had to spend the past several months nervous over the show getting canceled because the second season has already been filmed.

Given the emotional and tense season 1 finale, many are eager to discover what is next for the saga and characters like Freydis and Harald.

Vikings: Valhalla season 2 release date predictions

Vikings: Valhalla season 2 finished filming in November 2021, so it’s almost a sure thing that the show has wrapped post-production by now. In fact,Vikings: Valhalla has already been filming the third season since May 2022 (and will wrap in late October), as Netflix renewed it for seasons 2 and 3 before the first season even aired. Season 2 was filmed ahead of season 1’s debut.

During the Netflix 2022 TUDUM event, the streaming service announced that the show would return in 2023, along with releasing the first trailer for the new season. Since season 1 was released in February 2022, it seems likely that Netflix will release season 2 within a similar timeframe in 2023.

I think we can predict that Vikings: Valhalla will return in February 2023, although a January or March date is also possible depending on how many other big projects Netflix has slated for the new year. Generally, Netflix likes to spread out its big shows to give them room to breathe and prevent too much overlap.

Stay tuned for additional updates on Vikings: Valhalla season 2 at Netflix Life and revisit the show’s first season right now on Netflix.

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