What time is Warrior Nun season 2 coming to Netflix?

Warrior Nun season 2 is finally on its way. The episodes drop on Thursday on Netflix, but what time can you start streaming them?

The time has almost come to see the next part of Ava’s story. She has learned more about herself and what she is now destined to do, even if she had no interest in doing the right thing for the world in the first place.

It turned out that the Order of the Cruciform Sword’s true purpose wasn’t to do with saving the world, though. They were Adriel’s puppets against Heaven’s forces, and now Adriel is out of his cage. He is there to do what he originally wanted to do, and now The Order will need to work together to rectify what they accidentally caused.

Meanwhile, those within the Order will need to come to terms with the accident. They’ll need to forgive themselves and focus on harnessing their abilities if they want to save the world this time.

Warrior Nun season 2 release time on Netflix

Like all Netflix Original Series, Warrior Nun season 2 is coming to Netflix at 3 a.m. ET/12 a.m. PT on its release date. That’s Thursday, Nov. 10.

Yes, it is a different day of the week than we’re used to. It’s close enough to the weekend, though. You can wait until Saturday to binge your way through it, but after such a wait, we’re sure a lot of fans are ready to watch immediately.

The long wait is concerning. It’s not like it’s been heavily marketed by Netflix. Will there be enough people tuning back in to make sure it lands a third season or will it be another Fate: The Winx Saga or like The Wilds on Prime Video?

Warrior Nun season 2 is coming to Netflix on Thursday, Nov. 10. Catch up on the first season right now.

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