What time is Luckiest Girl Alive starring Mila Kunis coming to Netflix?

It’s almost time to watch Mila Kunis bring the bestseller Luckiest Girl Alive to life in the Netflix original movie of the same name. Jessica Knoll, who wrote the novel, also wrote the screenplay for the film adaptation, and we can’t wait to see the page to screen transition.

Luckiest Girl Alive stars Kunis as Ani FaNelli, who appears to have everything she’s ever wanted on the surface. She has a great job, money, and wedding on the way, but her tragic past comes back into the foreground thanks to a documentary. Suddenly, the truth tugs at a thread that could unwind her entire life.

For those who have read the novel, you know what we’re in for with the mystery thriller. It’s a dark story full of secrets, lies, and intrigue, as well as tough-to-watch subject matter. For those who haven’t, you’ll surely be reaching for a copy after watching.

But what time can we add the new movie to our watch lists? Here’s everything you need to know about the Luckiest Girl Alive release time on Netflix.

Luckiest Girl Alive release time on Netflix

Netflix will release Luckiest Girl Alive on Friday, Oct. 7 at 12 a.m. PT and 3 a.m. ET. That’s pretty late to stay up and watch a movie, but the thriller will definitely be worth watching. The movie could hit the top 10, possibly even the peak, by its second day of release.

For a closer look at what time Luckiest Girl Alive releases based on your time zone, check out our handy guide to Netflix release times around the world. There you can find your time zone and make a not of when the streamer drops new movies and episodes.

Luckiest Girl Alive helps kick off the new release movies coming in October along with Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, paving the way for upcoming releases like The Curse of Bridge Hollow, The School of Good and Evil, The Good Nurse, and Wendell & Wild.

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