What time does Cabinet of Curiosities come out on Netflix?

Get ready for four nights of screams with Guillermo del Toro’s highly-anticipated horror anthology series Cabinet of Curiosities!

Beginning Tuesday, October 25, Netflix will release two episodes of the frightening series nightly through Friday for a total of eight episodes. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the week leading up to Halloween!

Below we’ve outlined the release time and the episode schedule so you can find out exactly what time each episode will be available and when episodes will release. Each night has a unique “theme” that corresponds to the episodes being released.

Cabinet of Curiosities release time

Cabinet of Curiosities is unique from other Netflix shows because episodes will be released two at a time, spread across four nights. But they will release at the same time every night.

Here is a quick rundown of when the first two episodes go live:

  • West Coast: 12:00 a.m. PT on Tuesday, October 25
  • Mountain: 1:00 a.m. MT on Tuesday, October 25
  • Central: 2:00 a.m. CT on Tuesday, October 25
  • East Coast: 3:00 a.m. ET on Tuesday, October 25

If you live elsewhere, then you can consult our helpful guide here to find out when the series will premiere where you live.

Cabinet of Curiosities episode guide

Netflix released a helpful schedule for what episodes will be released and when.

  • October 25 – Night One: “Scavengers” featuring episodes “Lot 36” and “Graveyard Rats”
  • October 26 – Night Two: “Loners” featuring episodes “The Autopsy” and “The Outside”
  • October 27 – Night Three: “Lovecraft” featuring episodes “Pickman’s Model” and “Dreams in the Witch House”
  • October 28 – Night Four: “Visitations” featuring episodes “The Viewing” and “The Murmuring”

You can always wait until Friday, October 28, if you’d prefer to binge-watch all of the episodes at one time!

Are you looking forward to Cabinet of Curiosities? Will you be watching nightly, or will you wait until the weekend to watch all of them at once?

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