What language is 1899 on Netflix in? (Is it in English?)

One of Netflix’s most exciting new releases this week is their mystery thriller 1899. The series has been high on top of many people’s watch lists all year now, and finally, the time has almost come to check it out. The 10-episode title follows passengers traveling from Europe to America, all with different plans of starting fresh. However, when they encounter a ship called the Prometheus that had been reported missing for four months, everything changes.

Will they ever make it to America, and who will die along the way? We don’t have long now to find out!

1899 comes from the duo Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, best known for creating the show Dark on Netflix. The German writers are extremely talented which has many excited for their latest collaboration. If you’re looking forward to trying out 1899 but are curious about what language it’s in, look no further! We have all the details.

Is 1899 on Netflix in English?

Yes and no. If you watched the trailer for 1899, you probably noticed that some of the characters are speaking English. This is different from Friese and bo Odar’s last project for Netflix, Dark, which was fully in German. Because 1899 features passengers on the Kerberos ship from all over, the languages we hear reflect that. Apart from English, characters will be speaking German, French, Danish, Spanish, Portuguese, Cantonese, and probably more languages.

Of course, Netflix offers subtitles for different languages depending on where you are located and what device you’re using, so don’t worry if you only understand English and want to watch 1899. And if you have a visual impairment and are not able to read subtitles, you can also stream the series in English dubbed.

1899 hits Netflix this Thursday, Nov. 17.

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