What is You’re Nothing Special about on Netflix?

Netflix has just dropped a new teen series, You’re Nothing Special, and you should definitely add it to your watchlist. It has all you can ever want in a teen series: drama, comedy, romance, and teen angst. If this show seems like something you’d want to watch, we must tell you what it’s all about!

You’re Nothing Special is a Spanish original series created by Estíbaliz Burgaleta. You might recognize Burgaleta as a writer for the Spanish teen drama Skam España and the Netflix Spanish series Cable Girls. Additionally, Laura M. Campos and Inma Torrente directed three episodes each from scripts written by Burgaleta, Sergio Granda, and Alberto Grondona.

The talented cast includes Dèlia Brufau, Oskar de la Fuente, Ainara Perez, Jaime Wang, Elia Galera, Jordi Aguilar, María Mercado, Gabriel Guevara, Víctor Pérez, Miriam Cabeza, Unai Arana, and others.

We don’t want to hold you back any longer from tuning in and watching You’re Nothing Special on Netflix. So, without further ado, here’s what the teen series is about.

You’re Nothing Special synopsis

It’s about a young teen girl named Amaia, whose life turns upside down when she’s forced to leave her life in Barcelona to move to her mom’s boring hometown. But when Amaia discovers she inherited her grandmother’s powers and that her grandmother was rumored to be a witch, she realizes that her mom’s village is not so dull after all.

Here’s the official synopsis via Netflix Media Center below:

Amaia’s life, according to her, just sucks. Overnight, she has to say goodbye to her life in Barcelona, where she has all her friends and her day to day already established, to go live in her mother’s village, where NOTHING ever happens. However, she will soon discover something that could turn her life around… that perhaps she has inherited the powers of her grandmother: a woman she never met, but with the reputation of being the only witch that has ever lived in the town of Salabarria.

The show is rated TV-MA, meaning it’s meant to be watched by mature audiences only. It was given this age rating for substances and strong language. To sum it up, it may not be suitable for ages 17 and under.

You’re Nothing Special trailer

Check out the official trailer for a sneak peek of the series!

You’re Nothing Special is streaming now only on Netflix. Will you be watching the teen series?

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