What is the scandalous Netflix reality series Forever Queens about?

Four Mexican show biz queens reunite for a scandalous and juicy new Mexican reality television series called Forever Queens, or Siempre Reinas. The new series was released on October 2 only on Netflix and features Lucía Méndez, Sylvia Pasquel, Laura Zapata, and Lorena Herrera. Each talented “queen” shares what’s happening in their lives, both on a personal level and a business one.

Forever Queens is an unscripted series, so don’t go into it expecting a drama, even though that might be what these four ladies are known for! So far, there are only six episodes of the show available, but if it performs well, Netflix might order additional content.

Most reality series involving women center on younger stars, so it’s great to see a show with older women who are already considered showbiz legends. I’m sure we’ll see some of the familiar tropes we’re used to in reality shows with some cattiness and drama, but it sounds like the show is really about how these women reinvent themselves in this new stage of their lives.

Siempre Reinas: Temporada 1. (L to R) Laura Zapata, Sylvia Pasquel, Lucia Mendez, Lorena Herrera. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

What is Forever Queens about?

From Netflix, the official series synopsis is, “This reality series follows four Mexican entertainment legends, Lucía Méndez, Laura Zapata, Sylvia Pasquel, and Lorena Herrera, who get together to show a side from their lives never seen before, while they empower each other as they reinvent themselves.”

All four women come together to record a new song, but with such big personalities, some tempers are sure to flare. Outside the recording studio, each woman has her own personal demons to grapple with, and we’ll see that come to light throughout the first season.

Forever Queens cast

The reality show features four leads, Lucía Méndez, Sylvia Pasquel, Laura Zapata, and Lorena Herrera. All four women are actresses; several, like Zapata and Herrera, are singers and dancers. You’re probably familiar with their work if you regularly watch telenovelas and listen to Latin music.

Forever Queens is now streaming on Netflix.

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