What is The Noel Diary starring Justin Hartley about?

Netflix has quite a few holiday movies coming to its catalog this season, and that includes new original film, The Noel Diary! It joins some other exciting Christmas movie releases including Falling for Christmas and Christmas with You.

The production stars This Is Us star Justin Hartley as Jake Turner and Barrett Doss as Rachel. The cast also features James Remar as Scott Turner, Bonnie Bedelia as Eleanor Foster, and Essence Atkins. The project is directed by Charles Shyer.

We’re especially excited to see Hartley portray this new character, as this is the actor’s first major role since the hit NBC series where he portrayed Kevin Pearson for six seasons. This is his second Netflix film, the other being Senior Year where he starred opposite Rebel Wilson.

The movie is based on the novel of the same name by author Richard Paul Evan. And it’s actually a part of a book series. There’s three other sequels: The Noel Stranger, Noel Street, and The Noel Letters, as well! So I guess if the production does well, there could possibly be more to come in the future.

What can you expect to see in The Noel Diary? We’ve got the answer for you below!

What is The Noel Diary on Netflix about?

The movie centers around Jake Turner (Hartley). He’s a best-selling author who has to go back home on Christmas to “settle” his estranged mother’s estate, according to the Netflix synopsis. While he’s cleaning out the home, Jake finds a diary.

We come to learn it holds secrets of his past and someone else’s: Rachel (Doss). The “intriguing young woman” is on a mission to find her birth mother, and the answers she’s looking for just may be in the same diary. The two will have to confront their pasts. While they do that, will a Christmas miracle of the romantic type happen?

The trailer reveals Jake and Rachel’s introduction, the journey they go on to find answers, and the inevitable romance that seems to spark between the two leads. Check out the video below!

The Noel Diary drops Thursday, Nov. 24 on Netflix.

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