What is the crime comedy series The Green Glove Gang about?

The Green Glove Gang is a new Polish crime comedy on Netflix featuring a group of older women who pull off a risky caper and then hide out in a retirement center known as Second Home to avoid detection.

Dropping on a day with other big Netflix releases like Love is Blind season 3, The Stranger, and The School for Good and Evil, it would be easy to miss out on this witty gem of a show. Based on the trailer for the series, it kind of looks like it would appeal to those who like Grace & Frankie, with a similar sense of humor.

The Green Glove Gang plot synopsis

I couldn’t find an official synopsis released by Netflix for this series, but the logline is pretty straightforward.

In this dark comedy, a group of elusive burglars hides in a nursing home to avoid capture after a robbery goes wrong.

The Green Glove Gang episode guide

There are only eight episodes of The Green Glove Gang season 1, and each one is about 30 minutes long, give or take a few minutes.

Episode 1 – 28 minutes

  • While the police commissioner begins investigating the scene of the robbery, the Green Glove Gang goes into hiding at a retirement home.

Episode 2 – 34 minutes

  • One of the women has a telltale tattoo that points the police in a new direction. Meanwhile, the women start to adjust to life at Second Home.

Episode 3 – 33 minutes

  • The police try to track down the getaway car, and the women team up to take down a rude funeral director.

That’s just a sampling of the show so you can get an idea of what kind of storylines to expect in the first half of the season! But The Green Glove Gang deserves a spot on your watchlist because it looks hilarious, and it’s always great to support projects featuring older women in leading roles.

The Green Glove Gang trailer

Get a glimpse at these badass ladies in the official trailer!

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