What is the age rating of the Netflix series?

Partner Track drops tomorrow, August 26, on Netflix, and fans of Arden Cho have been eagerly anticipating the release of this legal drama. Expect the series to be the major trending topic on social media this weekend and well into September. But who is the target audience for the drama? What is the age rating? What should parents be aware of before watching the show at home?

With shades of The Lincoln Lawyer, Sex and the City, and Emily in Paris, Partner Track is firmly set in the world of soapy, addictive television geared toward adults. But it’s not as sexual or graphic as Sex and the City, and Partner Track is substantially more lighthearted than something like The Lincoln Lawyer.

Where does that leave parents and families interested in checking out this series?

Partner Track age rating and parents guide

The heartfelt television drama is rated TV-MA, meaning it’s geared toward mature audiences, and parents should use discretion if planning to allow teens under the age of 17 to watch. Partner Track received a TV-MA rating for strong language.

Having watched all ten episodes of the show’s first season, I think the rating is more spiritually akin to TV-14, but the use of expletives pushed the rating to TV-MA. While sexual content and adult themes are present in the series, they aren’t overly graphic.

If you removed the strong language, I feel confident that the show would be rated TV-14 as there isn’t nudity. The romance and sex scenes are all pretty tame and tend to be more suggestive than explicit.

That being said, the show is rated TV-MA, so parents should use caution if they are considering letting anyone under 17 check it out this weekend.

Partner Track starts streaming this Friday, August 26, on Netflix.

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