What is Netflix’s Easy-Bake Battle about? (synopsis)

Netflix has certainly not been lacking when it comes to cooking competition shows. They have Nailed It!, Baking Impossible, Is It Cake?, Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend, The Great British Baking Show, Sugar Rush, and probably a lot more that I’m missing. Considering the success of these shows, it should be no surprise that they are adding a new cooking competition show to the lineup, Easy-Bake Battle.

The show is set to feature Queer Eye‘s Antoni Porowski as the host. According to Variety, Porowski also helped pitch and develop the series for the streaming service.

Each episode will also feature a guest judge. The judges will include some of your favorites from other Netflix cooking competitions including Iron Chef‘s Kristen Kish and Nailed It‘s Jacques Torres. At least chef Torres won’t have to struggle through the food here like he does on Nailed It!

While the title is descriptive enough, what is the new show actually about? Let’s find out!

What is Easy-Bake Battle about?

Each episode of Easy-Bake Battle follows three home cooks who will go head-to-head as they compete in both savory and sweet challenges. So “bake” may be in the title but that doesn’t mean it’s just cakes and cookies.

The winner of each round receives $25,000 and the overall winner has the chance to win up to $100,000. This is quite a lot of money for a cooking competition show.

Based on the trailer and the official synopsis, it’s unclear whether the contestants will actually have to use a real Easy-Bake Oven or not. Or if they are given an adult-size Easy Bake Oven to work with. We do know that the contestants can use any and all kitchen hacks they want to make the easiest, quickest, and most delicious recipe they can.

Take a peek at the trailer here:

You can also check out the official synopsis from Netflix here:

Life is complicated, but cooking doesn’t have to be! Enter Easy-Bake Battle, a new culinary competition series inspired by Hasbro’s iconic Easy-Bake Oven, featuring skilled and ultra clever home cooks, all with a ton of heart and soul, facing off and using their most ingenious kitchen hacks to prove who can make the easiest, fastest, and most delicious food.

Easy-Bake Battle hits Netflix on Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2022.

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